Of seafood, the newest driest are this type of: scorpios, dragon-seafood, kallionumos, kokkux, glaukos, perch, thrissa

Light are nearly all rock fish, for instance the kikle, brand new phukis, the brand new goby, this new elephitis. Such fish are lightweight as opposed to those that travelling far; and you will insofar while they direct a tranquil existence, he has a flesh that is sensitive and you may white…

Sodium seafood decreases and cures. Weight of these go through besides. The fresh new driest sodium fish is the deep-water of those, then your river of those, since the moistest will be marsh of these. Of one’s salted fish, those people that were driest as the fish try driest when salted.

Anglers continued to be alternatively limited figures during the literature, like in Plautus’ play the Line, which ultimately shows an earlier man looking to conserve their lady-buddy of a sex trafficker

Hippocratic seafood try categorized by name, by habitat, because of the distance swum, of the consistency. He is classified medically, naturally by preparing. Of a lot varieties names try mentioned, plus groupings eg stone-seafood. Aristotle’s biology develops that it, closely observing dogs, such as for example seafood that have been brought to their desire; their departments out of classification include the human creature in identical classes as any animals and you will seafood.

New multiple species of seafood together with feature for the books, both technical and you can non-tech, showing detailed involvement which have seafood and you can invariably starting difficulties inside the coordinating ancient brands to help you species because today classified. This is certainly most useful present in the work off Thompson (1947): principally a great biologist, the guy translated Aristotle and you will amassed Greek names for wild birds and you may seafood to post within his well-known glossaries from birds and you will fish. He notices that frequently the old label cannot be coordinated with a modern-day kinds, and many old observations cannot be affirmed. Nearly all his identifications have been confronted. Nevertheless level of pointers he gathers was outrageous. A little analogy (137–139):

‘This new Gobies are many but regarding little worth, seldom ingested but throughout the Mediterranean, there merely by terrible; Moreau counts seventeen, and Carus regarding 30 Mediterranean species.’

‘Repeated inside Aristotle. New pyloric caeca are said to be numerous when you look at the kobios and you will galeos (H.An effective. 508b17), nevertheless these fishes try secluded from one several other while the declaration was just as not true off each other.’

Present he cites was: (zoology) Aristotle, Plutarch, Pliny, Dorion, Oppian, Ovid, Theophrastus, and Epicharmus; (food) Antiphanes, Hicesius, Diphilus, and you will Galen. This new medical professionals, biologists and you can literary editors keeps incorporated the wildlife of your ocean to the city and categorized them on reason for human fool around with and you will training. Either the human fool around with would be to eat the latest seafood, however, there is always a bigger goal. Take the instance of a comedy published by Epicharmus in Sicily at the beginning of this new fifth century:

Even though worst, from reduced standing and you will traditions a great runners dating service precarious lifestyle, they make it possible to establish the latest women’s label and you will progress the love tale

[he/she] earned shellfish of every type, limpets, aspedoi, krabyzoi, kikibaloi, sea-squirts, scallops, balanoi, murex, oysters closed upwards (so you’re able to prise her or him open is hard, to eat them upwards simple), mussels, anaritai, whelks and you can skiphydria… (Epicharmus fr. 42 Kaibel)

Not all these types of shell-seafood is actually identifiable; specific site is made to dinner the oysters. However the variety of seafood labels seem to be the idea of your reference. The brand new gamble is the Relationship off Hebe: the fresh gods frequently sit-in the wedding with many different types out-of fish, and therefore show brand new insightful the new occasion. The viewers is actually treated so you can a wide fish code, and that we’ll eventually get a hold of repeated inside the Athenian funny.

As to why try new theatrical listeners out-of Syracuse selecting enough time listing from fish labels? At the beginning of Greek books, inside Homer and you may Hesiod, the world of seafood was secluded regarding individual questions, unwanted, and you can insane. It alterations in later years, doing perhaps that have Epicharmus. The newest kidnapper’s vessel is actually shipwrecked on the shore off Cyrene, where the fishermen services. It risk brand new storms one to sank the brand new kidnapper’s ship; their earnings is precarious, with respect to the of a lot variabilities off fish offers in the Mediterranean. The sea are capricious: zero seafood otherwise fish by the bucket load. Currency originates from this new seafood immediately after brought to business, but that’s money getting merchants and you can processors instead of getting the brand new anglers.

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