You understand the new shameful phase out of relationship, where you have seen each other casually, however have not designed a relationship but really?

It is the condition that the Koreans name “sseom-ta-da”. Of a lot accept that “sseom-ta-da” came from the latest English keyword “some thing.” It means you to definitely “sseom” is occurring now. And it’ll ta-weil or “get along” up until anything more severe happens.

nine. Ttee-dong-kab (???)

The newest Chinese Zodiac is found on a beneficial twelve-12 months cycle. Annually at that time, a certain animal symbol describes the season. For each and every animal possess certain enjoys, therefore takes on that somebody produced where 12 months has got the same qualities and you can characteristics. The expression “tee-dong-kab” refers to the a few individuals who share an equivalent Chinese zodiac indication. As an instance, people are definitely the Chinese seasons of the dragon when the the guy otherwise she grew up in the year 2000. Kpop idols G-Dragon and you can Nickhyun are “ttee-dong-kab” because they share a similar beginning 12 months.

ten. Nae-soong (??)

It keyword defines someone who isn’t real. A fake person. It have a tendency to spends to mention a female just who behaves timidly otherwise naively around anybody else – some body, a whole lot more specifically child. When he isn’t expose, she yields to help you the girl common care about.

11. Nunchiga ppareuda (??? ???)

“Nunchiga ppareuda (??? ???)” means observant. The expression talks of somebody who can also be discover one things is occurring to anybody (e.g., household members otherwise friends). It is one of the many gorgeous Korean words versus an interpretation. Including, you’ve got food along with your moms and dads, and you also instantaneously getting some thing are with her or him. Possibly they debated. You can’t state they usually have fought for sure, but you can feel it.

a dozen. Aegyo (??)

“Aegyo (??)” is a person who acts adorably to appear nice and you will glamorous. Women can be basically using this routine, and so are of many Korean guys. It’s a large cultural pattern in the Korea nowadays.

thirteen. Ondol (??)

The literal meaning of “ondol” are heated stone. (In fact, it’s underfloor temperatures). It identifies the procedure of head heat import of burning-wood so you’re able to heat the exterior out of a heavy stone floor. “Ondolbadak” are an alternative name away from “ondol”. Such as for example, Koreans regularly explore “ondol” and was able to remain loving during the cold winter.

fourteen. Nunchiga eopda (??? ??)

“Nunchiga eopda (??? ??)” function unaware. An individual who can’t browse the heavens, or slow to understand a situation. A good example of this is the pursuing the state. You fulfilled your buddy when you are strolling along with your girlfriend. Need your going now, very you offered him hints which he is going. However, he could be so oblivious you finished up having restaurants with her.

15. Eoieopda (???? )

“Eoieopda (???? )” ways incredible. The meaning may differ somewhat according to scenario. It may as well as indicate “What on earth,” “I’m shocked that it,” and “beyond sound judgment.” Such as for example, You may be about to get free from really works, and then your management will come and you can provides way more profile to get results. You are able to tell oneself “Eoieopda (???? )”.

sixteen. Hyodo (??)

“Hyodo” the most beautiful Korean words from the Korean vocabulary. It relates to devoting yourself to your parents by firmly taking a great proper care of him or her up until they pass away. As an instance, whatever you are doing provide your parents love otherwise gratitude was “hyodo”. Such as for example, if you are using the savings for taking your parents into a keen overseas excursion, that’s a duty-filial travel.

17. Gaeideuk (???)

So you’re able to convert such untranslated Korean terms and conditions into the English, think of this following the. “Gae (?)” function your pet dog, and you will “ideuk (??)” mode a reward otherwise finances. Young people from inside the Korea play with “gae” in order to signify it was a lot.

18. Dapdapada (????)

“Dapdapada (????)” function effect enraged. You should use which term when a posture doesn’t go given that structured. Including, you’ve just rented an alternate intern, and you may she is only complete knowledge. It’s been a few months, and even though you have tried to establish a couple of things to this lady, she still tends to make numerous errors. You are able to say “dapdapada”, in this instance.

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